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Your community is your biggest asset. Depending on the campaign, collaborations can be a huge factor in its success. SCPR assists with brainstorming collaborations, as well as reaching out and making it happen.

EXAMPLE: The Lazy Gourmet and The Cross Decor & Design

THE PLAN: With the ever evolving trends in catering and events, The Lazy Gourmet teamed up with one of Vancouver's top design and retail shops to bring a truly unique experience to the city. For one night, Yaletown's The Cross was transformed into a Desert Rose themed evening, where The Lazy Gourmet highlighted spring and summer dishes and drinks, while The Cross showcased their new summer lines. It was a beautiful collaboration and Celsia Florist's blooms created a magical setting. Media and influencers enjoyed a long table dinner and ended the night with a stand-up frosé and dessert cart hour.  

The Lazy Gourmet at The Cross Decor and Design
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