Your community is your biggest asset. Depending on the campaign, collaborations can be a huge factor in its success. SCPR assists with brainstorming collaborations, as well as reaching out and making it happen.

EXAMPLE 1: The Lazy Gourmet and The Cross Decor & Design

THE PLAN: With the ever evolving trends in catering and events, The Lazy Gourmet teamed up with one of Vancouver's top design and retail shops to bring a truly unique experience to the city. For one night, Yaletown's The Cross was transformed into a Desert Rose themed evening, where The Lazy Gourmet highlighted spring and summer dishes and drinks, while The Cross showcased their new summer lines. It was a beautiful collaboration and Celsia Florist's blooms created a magical setting. Media and influencers enjoyed a long table dinner and ended the night with a stand-up frosé and dessert cart hour.  


EXAMPLE 2: Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie and BC SPCA

THE PLAN: For Chez Christophe's 2017 Easter Collection, the focus was on five new chocolate bunny sculptures. In order to stand out in a saturated market, SCPR recommended a community partnership with the BC SCPA with the message of "make mine chocolate". This encourages the public to give chocolate bunnies instead of real rabbits during Easter. Rabbits are often abandoned soon after as many people do not know how to care for the animal. Once the connection was made, Chez Christophe was able to promote the sponsorship, where $2 from each Rabbitouille went towards the BC SCPA, as well as five per cent of sales from Good Friday, and all proceeds from an Easter chocolate raffle draw. 

chocolate chez christophe
The Lazy Gourmet at The Cross Decor and Design