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Whether you are a launching a new project, seeking ongoing public relations support, or hoping to promote a new product, SCPR develops tailored, unified strategy plans to ensure you are top-of-mind in the media. 

EXAMPLE: Ongoing Public Relations Support for Aburi Restaurants

THE PLAN: For Aburi Restaurants Canada, which consists of Miku in Vancouver, Minami, Gyoza Bar, Aburi To-Go, and Aburi Market, it is vital to keep the restaurants and grocerants in the media spotlight consistently as there are many Japanese restaurants in the city. This includes promoting seasonal menu changes, chef features, and other creative PR campaigns. SCPR works on a six month to a year plan with the Aburi Marketing team to develop focus campaigns. This usually results in regular coverage in international online publications, newspapers, broadcast, and magazines. 


Canadian Business - Aburi Market

Forbes - Why Vancouver Needs To Be On The Travel Enthusiast’s Radar

Vancouver Sun - At Aburi To-Go, a store full of Japanese food

Inclusion in Conde Nast Traveller UK's 10 Amazing Things to Do in Vancouver

Miku named one of the World's 8 Best Sushi Restaurants in food and online drink website Daily Meal

Globe & Mail - Miku
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